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fervent desire - a community for couples in love
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ardent_emotion is a LiveJournal community created on the
19th July 2006 aimed at couples in love. The MOD's want this community
to be a safe, open enviroment where members can come together and talk
about the relationship they are in, a place where they know they will be supported.

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No promoting unless its in the proper place;
♥ No nudity;
Respect all members, applicants and moderators;
Drama in any shape or form will not be tolerated.
♥ If you have a problem - take it to a moderator.

♥ Try to keep all long entries behind a cut;
♥ Posts with more than one picture behind a cut;;
♥ Entries with sexual content go behind a cut with a warning;
♥ Be civil to all members, applicants, and moderators.
♥ When voting, please specifiy yes or no in your subject line.
♥ Give at least two reasons for your vote;
♥ Stay active and PROMOTE so we can grow!

♥ Please post your application within three days of joining;
♥ If you will be late with your application, contact a moderator;
♥ All applicants must be in a relationship of nine months or more;
♥ You must be at least eighteen years of age.
♥ Put your application behind a cut, with the words, "Fervant Desire";
♥ Subject lines of applications should have applicants' names in it;
♥ Respect the members and moderators. It's common courtesy;
♥ Do not comment on other entries or make posts until you are stamped;
♥ If you are rejected, you may try again in a week.

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Cut the application from the text area below. Do not use
rich text mode, as it will not appear correctly once posted.

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teh_meggerz is your temporary Moderator/Maintainer at
ardent_emotion. My name is Megan, I'm 19 years old
and live in Port Orange, Florida. I'm a full-time student and
currently am job-searching. I'm a huge computer nerd and really love
music of any kind. I'm most comfortable just hanging around at
home. I love animals and have three where I live.

nexu Is your Co-Moderator/Maintainer at ardent_emotion.
My name is Meaghan, I'm 22 years old and I live in Toronto,
. I'm an aspiring Veterinary Technician and have been working
in the same vets office for 7 years now, I'm stubborn, but dedicated
when motivated. I love long walks when I'm not being lazy, I have a
passion for music and animals, and I'm trying to get back into
school when I've spent my whole life trying to get out (what can I say,
I'm a hypocrite). I've been with my SO for nearly 2 years now, since
September 2004, he is my touch stone and he keeps me level, yet lets me
be myself in the most candid way :)

onlyamore Is the Co-Moderator for ardent_emotion.
My name is Kimmy and I have been with my SO since Feb 7th 2003.
I also MOD at loveisthebest. I live in Scotland and I am usually
a very laid back person unless you push all my buttons :-D.
I enjoy reading, sewing, photography, lj and I dont have any time
at all for drama.

cheredemoiselle is the new moderator for ardent_emotion.
My name is Amber, and I began seeing my SO December 20, 2003 and have been living with him for about one and a half years. Currently, I'm a full-time English major at West Virginia State University. For that necessary cash flow, I babysit three wonderful kids. My family and friends are more important to me than anything. Also, I have two cats, Sambo and Nico, and two rabbits, Bella and Pepper. I dreadfully miss my puppy Pax who left this world on July 29, 2007.

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loveisthebest is our sister community.
romance_drive is our sister community.
love_struckk is our sister community.

♥ If you would like to be a sister site,
please contact one of the moderators.

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This is where you can find out what is going on in our community.

Currently running are:
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Theme of the Week: Musical Talents.

The Friday Five

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Activity of the Month: Zodiac Activity.

Click these links to be taken to all our past activities:

All past Friday Five Questions
All past Themes of the Week
All past Activities of the Month
All past Couple of the Month-related Posts
All past Couple of the Month Voting
All past Couple of the Month Winners
All past posts relating to information about the community

We still need more members to run the following:
♥ Member of the month.
♥ Quiz the couple.
♥ Make a pair.

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ardent_emotion is a growing community and needs promotion!
Please use one of these banners to promote us!

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