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07 September 2007 @ 06:21 pm
Ashley's theme of the week! YAY! xB<3  
1. Have you ever waited out a storm with your SO? Yeah. We were going to get food at the outdoor mall near my house, and it was pouring...POURING down rain, almost flooding...and his car stalled about halfway out of a parking space. So he had to get out and push it in the rest of the way into the space while I turned the steering wheel left, then right, then left, then right...it sucked. He was literally drenched from head to foot, and because he couldn't get his car to start, we both had to run the rest of the way up to where all the restaurants and shops were and stand underneath the awning of one of the restaurants while waiting for his co-worker to pick us up. If it had been a regular day, we probably would have gone inside somewhere and just waited for the storm to pass, but he was working and on his lunchbreak, so we couldn't. So yeah, we both got completely soaked, it was freezing and we were waiting for at least 30 minutes...but the best part of it was that we just stood there almost the whole time holding each other, and it really felt good...it was actually a pretty powerful several minutes...just standing there, completely soaked and shivering....(oh, and I was barefoot because I didn't want to ruin my $160.00 shoes that he had just gotten for me a few weeks ago ^.^;;) but having the love of your life to hold onto...it really makes a world of difference and it's an amazing, unforgettable feeling. I would do it a million more times if it meant he would be there with me. <3

2. If so, did you try to make the best of it (romantic lighting), or did you get anxious? If you haven't been through a storm, how do you think you would react? Well, obviously we made the best of it by clinging to each other, but we were also anxious because we were worried about his co-worker and each other. Thankfully, everything turned out fine.

3. Do you use candles or power-generated lamps during blackouts or brownouts? The only blackout we've ever experienced together was once at his house, when we were going to bed, and the lights only went out for a bit and then came back on, and his mom was home...if she had been gone I'm sure we still would have been awake and using candles and...making the best of the situation. Heh heh...<3

4. What's the worst weather you've ever faced? Exactly what I said for the first question.

5. What do you do for entertainment when the lights go out? (G-rated, if possible!) Well, since that only happened once, and for a short time, we didn't do anything. But if it happens again (and I'm sure it will) we will surely be able to entertain each other...if it's more than just us, we will probably just talk or play games. And if we're alone I can guarantee it won't be anything G-rated. xB ^.~