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22 August 2007 @ 03:53 pm
Ashley's theme of the week  
I also wrote this in my application...heehee. <3 Yes, it's long. xB

Our first kiss: It was Cinco de Mayo 2005, and he was taking a break from working, so I took a walk outside with him, and we sat together on a backless bench facing each other and just talking, the atmosphere was...unexpectedly romantic; the lighting was the same as it was at dusk every day, but on this night everything felt different. Close by, there was a group of young children patiently waiting to start taking whacks at a piñata, while a woman with a beautiful voice sang out soft, slow spanish melodies into a microphone and people enjoyed the food, entertainment and decorations. But we were in our own little world. We held each other's hands, interlacing fingers, and he said "Tonight, you get one wish. Anything you want, just name it and it's yours." I didn't even have to think about it. I knew what I wanted from him, and he knew as well, (and really, it was all I could do to keep it from spilling out of me in an instant) but I wanted to increase the anticipation. So, I laughed, feigning nervousness that I knew I didn't have, and shyly replied "Well, I don't know..." And he said "Yes you do. Just say it, whatever you want." We didn't let go of each other's hands, and I knew I was starting to blush then. We kept gazing into each other's eyes and smiling, all the while I was still stalling my answer, both because of the anticipation factor and because I could not properly think when he held my gaze in such a way, especially in that moment. I tried the "I don't know..." and laughter a couple more times, and he continued to press me for my answer. Finally, looking him straight in the eyes once more with a confident smile and cheeks that were red as a tomato by that time, I said, "I wish you would kiss me." The smile that he already had grew wider, our grip on each other's hands tightened, and he said "Well, your wish...is my command..." we leaned in, closed our eyes, and our lips touched. By this time, my mind had blocked out all logical thought, him & I were all that existed, and all I could do was melt into this divine, warm and incredibly, ridiculously soft paradise that was his kiss. As our mouths slowly opened and our tongues met, an incredible truth occured to me for the very first time: This was it. He was the ONE. No questions asked, the deal was sealed, my 110% surefire soul-mate love of my LIFE was this man right here, sharing this beautiful kiss with me...this kiss of true love, this first meeting of souls, that was, at that moment, the most beautiful thing in our conjoined world. After that....needless to say, I was breathless for a bit....at least, until I asked him for another one, to which he happily obliged...because it was just TOO insanely good to have only one...and then, after we got up to head back inside and started walking, I was still breathless....we held hands as we walked still, and he asked me how I felt, and I said "I'm walking on clouds right now." And I really felt like I was. My head was still swimming and I was almost dizzy. I had been kissed by an angel. I will never, EVER forget that day, and I know he won't either. It was, and still is, one of the most beautiful moments of our whole lives.